Marriage Equality at Temple Sholom

Bill Healey and I were married at Temple Sholom on Sunday August 1, 2010  At that point in our relationship we had been together for 23 years.

Having an actual wedding never occurred to us, as odd as that sounds.  We had met with Rabbi Shoshanah Conover one morning to discuss our spiritual experience and how it related to Temple Sholom.  Bill is Catholic but had not found a spiritual home since moving back to Chicago 9 years ago.  We have been regularly involved with attending Friday night services, being part of the Mindful Jewish Aging group as well as attending adult education courses offered.  We have found our joint spiritual home at Temple Sholom in it’s welcoming and inclusiveness.

When we met with Rabbi Conover and discussed our inter-religious relationship…the first thing she said was “you two should have a wedding”.  This struck us as odd due to the fact that we could not be legally married in Illinois.  She told us that we would be married in the eyes of Judaism and before our family and friends.  She also added that it is such a beautiful experience and a real paradigm shift in a couples relationship and spiritual life.

At that point our heads were spinning, but we quickly began planning with Rabbi Conover and Cantor Aviva Katzman for our wedding that would take place 10 months later.

Bill and I decided that we would like the ceremony to take place at the synagogue, as it such an awesome structure with so much history.  To think that we were being married….two men, one Catholic, one Jewish before our friends, family and g-d…was very powerful.

Rabbi Conover and Katzman combined a wonderful and meaningful ceremony that incorporated music and beautiful sentiments that spoke so much to us and our 23 years of our togetherness, but also included the Jewish value of Tikun Olam, repairing the world.  Rabbi Conover siad that one of the things  in the world that needed “repair” was the lack of marriage equality.

Bill and I look forward to making it “legal” very soon and doing it all again!