Writes of Passage – Commencement

Commencement, Shalom, Aloha

Such words have layered and multiple meanings embedded even within the same context.

Each spring,  the Temple Sholom Crown Family High School confirms our seniors during a congregational Shabbat Service.  Each graduate delivers a sermonette on their personal Jewish identity and reflects on their experience.  The amalgam and collective voice is a treasured glimpse into the minds of those about to launch. And we kvell as if they are all our offspring!  

Temple Sholom was in the forefront among Reform synagogues in the late ’70’s by advancing Confirmation to coincide with high school graduation, a time of natural transition and coming of age mentality.  

Commencement Haiku:

Commencement – “Bye youth”

Is beginning or ending?

Pack your dreams and fly!

Helene Kohn is a life  long Chicago resident, and lover of old buildings in her Lincoln Park neighborhood.  She is a past president of Temple Sholom and served on the board for 20 years.