“I’m melting! melting! Oh, what a world, what a world!”

I’m melting! melting! Oh, what a world, what a world!”

We are all familiar with this infamous quote from the Wicked Witch of the West as she melted away to her demise.  Over the last few weeks my 5 year old daughter, Quinn, has been somewhat obsessed with the Wizard of Oz since being introduced to it on a play date.

With all the recent Oz-dom completely taking over my home, the above Wicked Witch of the West (now referred to as “WWW”) quote came to mind.  Let’s focus on the latter part of the quote, “…what a world, what a world!.”  In the context of the movie, the WWW cries them out and is pretty upset with the world.  We really can’t blame her, after all she was melting.   In today’s world it’s extremely easy for one to also join the WWW and take the negative position on “..what a world, what a world!.” 

However, at Temple Sholom the quote can take on a whole different meaning and certainly be put it in the most positive context.  Since recently joining the congregation in December I have found myself discovering what a wonderful and valuable place it is.  We enrolled Quinn in the Sunday school program which has been a great experience for her.  I also joined the new Eco Chavura committee, where we just completed our logo and the associated tag line is “greening our sacred community.”   Our informal slogan is, “not only are we Jewish but Greenish too.”  Speaking of…If you happen to know a nice Greenish doctor to set my friend up with..please let me know.  Anyway, the committee is very eager to get the ball rolling on our green initiatives and I have enjoyed contributing.  My family looks forward to meeting more members and finding other ways to get involved.

So getting back to the quote “…what a world, what a world!” It certainly takes on a whole new meaning for my family since joining our Jewish community in Lakeview East.

Greg Shanin and his family are new members of Temple Shalom.  He is the 4th generation of a family owned business manufacturing children’s puzzles and games.