Read All About It!

What gets your attention in the headline crammed inboxes of our lives?  Is it an e-mail? Scrawl on your homepage? Mailed (snail style) piece? Text message or Tweet?

Over the last year, I’ve been working with a small task force to recreate the communications vehicles at Temple Sholom.  A confirmed techno-dinosaur before this exercise, “Beta” is the unsuccessful competitor to VHS, “Analytics” something an actuary considers, “SEO” a typo for the senior executive, I’ve had a lot to decipher and asked a lot of questions. What the heck is a “captcha”?

We have characterized the media as our electronic Mishkan, it’s a tent, a community, a conversation; a bridge to our House of Assembly, House of Study, House of Prayer.

The overriding mission of our work is to get the word out, and engage our members with all info Sholom.

We’ve produced three sparkling products; an important and vital upgrade to our previous website, e-blast, and the newly released blog.  The fourth effort is the revision of our printed D’var Sholom, which will debut in the fourth quarter of 2013,  just after 5774 begins.  If you’re still reading…, thank you for being our audience and consumer.

The really fun aspects of the upgrades, such as  video embedded links, have brought Rabbi Edwin Goldberg to the small screen, before his actual arrival in July. Our headlines feature colorful changing ”banners” that mirror a multi-stimulated pace of our visual lives.

So now that I know what Search  Engine Optimization implies, I can sprinkle my vocabulary with tasty keywords and tackle the squiggly characters in a comment response box with confidence.

Helene Kohn is a life long Chicago resident, and lover of old buildings in her Lincoln Park neighborhood.  She is a past president of Temple Sholom and served on the board for 20 years.