Temple Sholom History: Mayfair Day! May 1, 1963

Do you want to be THE MAYFAIR LADY?

50 years ago, Temple Sholom celebrated a MayFair, which sounds like a blast. The hall was dressed for May Day, “Fete Du Muguet” with “a bower of beautiful shops”. The idea was to transport you to the continent of Europe – reminiscent of “Paree so Gay” or the eternal city with “authentic Italian décor and music”. There was everything imaginable for sale and every hour a special prize was awarded to one lucky attendant.  Sitter service was available for “Trained tots”. Happy May! If you get the right coupons, maybe you too could be The MAYFAIR LADY!

One thing I wonder about – there are many references to “The Little Theatre” – where was that at the Temple? – I’ll have to do more research.

Does anyone have any more info on this event ? It sounds as though it was amazing! Maybe Mayfair will live again, one day.

So, I’m hoping to have a chance to look back into temple history every Thursday for you. Searching through old D’vars is a way to discover a treasure trove of information and they are a time capsule into what the world was like for Chicago Jews throughout history. Looking forward to seeing you next week!

Jason Lindner is the Marketing & Communications Director at Temple Sholom and the Assistant for Cantor Aviva Katzman. He has worked at Temple since 2009 and is also and actor an a playwright.