Support A Moratorium on Fracking in Illinois

Many of you may have heard about fracking but not be aware of what it is and the controversy surrounding this method of drilling for natural gas and oil.  Fracking or hydraulic fracturing is the process of drilling for natural gas or oil using a large volume of water mixed with chemicals and sand.  This is injected with high pressure into underground rock to force out the natural gas and oil.

Fracking threatens the health and lives of people, animals, plants and eco-systems.  Residents in places where fracking is used are finding that it can lead to unsafe drinking and ground water, increased air pollution (including greenhouse gases which trap heat) and depleted water supplies.

While fracking is prevalent in other states, there are plans to use this technique in Illinois.  As such, Illinois state legislators have introduced Senate Bill 1418 and House Bill 3086 which call for a two year moratorium on fracking and an investigation to examine its health and environmental impacts.

Please call NOW to support a moratorium on fracking in Illinois.  Their session ends SOON (the end of May), so please do not delay.

House Speaker:  Mike Madigan (312) 814-4890

Senate President:  John Cullerton (312) 814-2075

Governor Pat Quinn:  (312) 814-2121

Place calls to: your state representative and state senator at their local offices or Springfield offices (217) 782-2000

For many Temple members, your 12th District Rep is Sara Feigenholtz at 773-296-4141 and the 6th district senator is John Cullerton at (773) 883-0770.


Additional information can be found at:

ICMF – Illinois Coalition for a Moratorium on Fracking

SAFE:  Southern Illinois Against Fracturing our Environment

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