On account of it’s June – LGBT Pride!

For me this is one of the most exciting times in the LGBT Community because June is Pride Month.  Beginning June 1, the LGBT community will contemplate our accomplishments over the past year and look to the next year and think about what are our next steps we need to take towards taking a seat at the table of equality; we are going to cast a sharp and at times a critical eye at ourselves as individuals and as community as well as compare ourselves to the ally community.  Pride Month is not all about contemplation because the LGBT community loves having fun and Pride provides an opportunity for us to celebrate with our families, friends, allies, business and spiritual associates the positive changes that have occurred in the community over the past year.  All the above, is just run up to biggest celebration party, the Pride Parade.

When I proudly inform my friends (LGBT/allies) Temple Sholom is going to have a float in the Pride parade, I always receive two reactions:

  • “I am very impressed Temple Sholom’s leaders and members support the LGBT community by hosting a float.
  • ” that is great Temple Sholom has a float, but do you think Temple Sholom/Am Keshet need to be in the parade?”  Most of the time, they take the question one step further, “do you think there is a need for the Pride Parade?”.   I can understand the person questioning the need for the Pride parade is an ally; however, they are the most supportive and excited about it. What surprise me the most about who is asking the questions, it is members of the LGBT community who are asking “why”‘?

I never hesitate responding with a huge YES!!!!  The Pride Parade is one of the LGBT community’s most important events of the year.  For one day, political agendas, self interests, age, gender, race, gay or ally are put away so that we can march as one celebrating and embracing  the rich diversity of our community as well as the equality gains we have obtained. Additionally, it is one of the few times Jewish LGBT community will hear statements “we love the Jews”; we love the LGBT community!  Yes, my friend the LGBT needs and wants a Pride Parade.

I would like to take this moment to thank Temple Sholom for being one of the LGBT community’s greatest supporters.  I am always filled with spiritual Pride knowing I belong to an institution that embraces diversity and works hard to ensure the membership is welcoming to all who work through her doors.

Edwards Buice is one of the chairs of Am Keshet, a board member, and has been a member of temple sholom for a number of years.