Meet The Fitness Granny – Sandy Kurtz

Sandy Kurtz explains her story of good fitness at any age on her website

I hope that my experience will encourage you to begin your own journey toward fitness.

Please read the blogs on my website, every day and look at the recipes and fitness tips there for you.

Adapt my experience and methods to what you need to move from where you are to where you want to be.

And now something about my life and why I am doing this.

I am at this writing seventy seven years old. 

About four years ago I had inflammation under the bursa which was painful and limited my ability to walk.  I was limping around in constant pain so I went to the chiropractor who diagnosed my condition.  She worked with me for two years to get rid of the inflammation. 

The whole time I became more and more sedentary.  I could barely get up the stairs in my house.  I began to think about moving to an assisted living facility.  Every day activities became more and more difficult.

It got to where I could hardly put on my socks because I could not bend my leg enough and was sad all the time because I could not manage my life anymore.

I went to a kettlebell demonstration and participated the whole time, trying to keep up. The next day I could not get out of bed.

It was off to the gym where I belong to sign up for some lessons with a trainer. 

The first person they assigned to me was way too demanding and unaware of my capabilities and where I was at.

Then they gave me Jake and my whole life changed. 

He very carefully observed my level of fitness and spoke about senior fitness and suggested starting with where I was, and building from there.

He said it would take a long time and consistent hard work to improve but that I could achieve a level of fitness that would allow me to enjoy my life and be healthy and fit.

Here’s what I looked like when I first started training with Jake:

Since I started working with Jake I’m a different person.

Here’s a message from Jake himself!

In eight months my life has completely turned around with his help, sound advice, and consistent hard work every day.

I am in good shape now.  It is very empowering to overcome an infirmity and have that feeling that you can accomplish anything.  This winter I shoveled snow and I’m not afraid of the ice and snow now  because I have better balance and I am much stronger.

I plan to exercise my whole life.  I will not get diabetes 2 or heart trouble because I’m active and exercise is my medicine.  I’m convinced that exercise every day whether you feel like it or not, is medicine … not just for your body but also your soul.

I invite you to look through my website to find tips on fitness and nutrition so you too can enjoy a better life for yourself!

 You’re Getting Older … So What?

The Fitness Granny


Sandy Kurtz is a long time temple member and IS the Fitness Granny!