Go Eat The Big Apple With The Hungry Hound (Temple Member Steve Dolinsky)

Part of my job takes me on the road occasionally, and it usually means eating in some great restaurants. Over the past few years, viewers and friends have asked if I would ever lead a culinary tour somewhere. I did a few international tours over a decade ago – to Thailand and India – but I thought it would be easier, and less expensive, to try to do a domestic trip somewhere the food and drink are exemplary. Choosing to tackle New York City isn’t easy. There are so many neighborhoods and styles of food there. I’m in the city about once a month, and I’ve begun to curate my favorite spots. The ones I tell visitors about and enthusiastically recommend. But there are other places that I’ve always wanted to try, and there’s nothing more fun than discovering something new and delicious with others who share the same passion. So I’m hoping you’ll consider coming along for the tasty ride November 14 – 17, as my friends at AAA Group Travel have worked with me to design an ambitious itinerary. Everything except your flight is included, and I’d argue you won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

For more information, please contact Deborah Childs at AAA Group Travel: 630-328-7248, or dachilds@aaachicago.com (Incidentally, Deborah helped organize my tour to Thailand with Arun, from Arun’s restaurant, many years ago, and she’s a pro).

You can find more information about the itinerary here (http://stevedolinsky.com/?p=11380)

Steve Dolinsky is the Food Reporter, (a.k.a. “The Hungry Hound”) at ABC 7 News. He and his family have been Temple Sholom members for more than 5 years.