A Smashing Sleepunder!

Over 80 people gathered in search of a Golden Ticket to the Sholom Sleep Under which was filled with fun! Kids of all ages came to Bettie Port Hall on Saturday, November 9th to get cozy and comfy with their friends. In their jammies with their blankets, pillows and favorite stuffed animals in tow, they were ready for fun, food and lots of movie treats!

The children first decorated Channukah cards for Temple Sholom’s Channukah Box program. And after every good deed, you should be rewarded with candy, right? And so they were, but not before Havdalah and dinner.

The families shared a lovely Havdalah experience with Rabbi Goldberg, Rabbi Conover and Cantor Katzman.
And as Shabbat drew to a close, the social part of the evening was just getting under way. The children ate dinner, sweets and popcorn before they received their Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

As the kids were engrossed in the movie, the adults were able to schmooze, socialize, wine and dine. It was a fabulous sight to see, members new and old, joined together for a purely social evening. It felt like the
bonds of community were being built right there on the floor of Bettie Port Hall.

A wonderful time was had by all! And movie requests for next year have already been rolling in. We hope to see even more Mishpacha families next time…At the Movies!