Ten Minutes of Torah: Delving into T’fiah (reprinted from reformjudaism.org)

The N’ilah service on late Yom Kippur afternoon is notable for its image of the Gates of Repentance closing their doors. At this late and hungry hour, for the final time during the Day of Atonement, we are summoned to repentance. The fact that many Sages argue we can actually delay our atonement to the end of the Sukkot holiday does not lessen the drama of the moment.

At the end of N’ilah, often as the sun has set, we will hear the final blast of the shofar. We will also declare the most essential teaching of the entire season: God is Merciful! We actually chant this seven times, just to make sure we get the point. The Gates are closing, but the mercy of God never ends.

Say NO to concealed weapons at all Houses of Worship

In July 2013, the State of Illinois enacted the Firearm Concealed Carry Act (the “Concealed Carry Law”), which authorizes properly licensed individuals to carry a concealed firearm in Illinois. The law went into effect on January 1, 2014.

While there are designated properties and locations where concealed firearms are not allowed under the Concealed Carry Law, houses of worship are not among them; accordingly, properly licensed individuals are allowed to carry a concealed firearm in many other houses of worship.

Were you at the Indoor Farmer’s Market? When’s the next one?

An indoor winter farmer’s market was something I had to check out. Not only because I’m a new member of Temple Sholom’s Eco Chavurah, but because I really couldn’t think of what in the world could be grown during this “chiberia” winter. Coming from Miami, when winter is the growing season, I knew that Chicago and the surrounding area was going to be quite different. I was pleasantly surprised by all the goodies at the market, and it was great to see so many people enjoying the offerings of the vendors.

Meatless Monday: Banana Bread – tropical deliciousness on a cold day!

With this weather being as snowy crazy and cold as it has been, and the 2nd floor renovation, I have been spending a lot of time at home. I am totally content to be a homebody, but there was something about knowing that I really couldn’t go out that these past few days that made me feel a little stir crazy. In the past couple weeks I have watched a lot of football, and I do mean a lot. I have read (I’ve challenged myself to read 30 books this year, so far I’ve read one and half of another), and I’ve watched some of the stuff that has accumulated on my DVR. I sort of felt like I was running out of ways to entertain myself.