Pesach Blog: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Buy a New Haggadah – Reprinted from


My history with haggadot is probably typical but certainly multi-layered. I grew up with the venerable Union Haggadah. In rabbinical school I was exposed to its successor, the “Baskin” Haggadah. I then worked for an HUC administrator in researching various haggadot. Even in the mid-eighties there were countless varieties, including one for vegans: The Haggadah for the Liberated Lamb. Around this time David Moss was previewing his soon-to-be famous haggadah, Song of David. I joked to my fiancée that she could have that instead of an engagement ring. She took me seriously and we use the haggadah (alas, only one copy) every year.

What’s your Favorite Beatles song?

The Beatles have such a tremendous catalog of music it’s hard to believe that they were together and recording music for such a short time – only about ten years. A lot of my favorite Beatles songs tend to be ones written by George Harrison or Ringo Starr, which is pretty interesting since the vast majority of their music was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. My all-time favorite is Here Comes the Sun

Why is our Elevator under the sea?

We all live in a yellow submarine…The Beatles are invading Temple Sholom! Well, Beatlemania is anyway! Everyone on staff is so excited to Come Together to celebrate our Annual Spring Fling as a congregation. Membership and Programming Coordinator, Kylie Zacharia channeled one of her favorite Beatles tunes when it came time to decorate the elevator.
May 3rd is fast approaching – and we hope that you will join us at 7:30pm for a fun night of dinner, dancing, and of course great Beatles music performed by Premier Beatles Band, The Cavern Beat.

What is God – Part 11 – God as the Model

We are, we say, created in God’s image. Using a metaphor found in The Gates of Prayer, God is the Mold from which we were fashioned. I find this to be a compelling metaphor. God is the Model for our own thoughts and behaviors.

God is Holy, so we must be holy. God is Just, so we should act justly. God is merciful, so we should love mercy.

Gan Students Learn about “Clean” Dirt

“Clean dirt” is a concept the two and three year old Gan students learned about at the Tot Shabbat. It is the first of several teaching experiences incorporating age appropriate concepts that promote the intertwining of ecological and Jewish values at Temple Sholom for all members of the congregation. These types of projects can include students of all ages as well