Yeah, we’re gonna have a party, party!

You have heard we are having a party, right? As we get closer and closer to May 3rd and a night of Beatlemania, the excitement is building around Temple Sholom. Even our littlest Gan Shalomers are ready to Come Together and celebrate!

To help them get into the spirit, members of the Gan Shalom and Temple Sholom staff recorded a CD of their favorite Beatles songs. Some even re-imagined the songs to be more Temple Sholom appropriate! Hey Jude became Hey Jews for example!

Healthy Addictions?

(Copied from RabbiGoldberg.Blogspot.Com)

Signs of spring in Chicago are subtle but certainly surfacing. There are more tourists on segways. The Cubs have already lost four games. And I’m about to get back on my road bike.

Actually there’s a new word emerging among serious bicyclists. It’s stravacide, and the “cide” suffix has the same meaning as it does in words like homicide (death caused by a human), suicide (death caused by oneself), fratricide (death caused by a brother), pesticide (death caused to a pest) and the like. The suffix cide means “the act of killing.” 

 Therefore strava-cide is death by strava.

According to David Darlington in “The Strava files” (Bicycling, November 2013), Strava, which is Swedish for “strive,” is the name of a website intended to help cyclists who don’t have fellow riders with whom to train. It offers cyclists ideas to stay motivated as they pursue their peak performance. On Strava, riders post their rides, along with their times and other stats, and then other riders try to beat those times.