Meatless Monday: Vegetable Soup

I spent much of the past two weeks home with my family in Ohio.  My sisters and I shared a lot of meals together, which usually meant we were eating out.  I know that I have mentioned before that my sister, Alexis, is vegan – and a picky eater to boot.  It can sometimes make eating together a challenge.  She eats pasta and stir fry a lot, and we had already had varieties of both of those during our ten days together.

I love soup of all kinds, and it seemed like an obvious choice for dinner for us.  The weather (while not as cold as it is today) was turning colder. What is better on a cold night than a warm bowl of soup? We picked up our favorite vegetables, two cans of crushed tomatoes, and one box vegetable broth and a soup was born.  I doctored my bowl up by crumbling Ritz crackers over the top and adding parmesan cheese – but that it was certainly not a necessity.

This soup was a winner! Both my sister and I really enjoyed it, and it was still delicious for lunch the next day! This is another recipe that I will keep in rotation for the cold winter months ahead.



Green Pepper


Green Beans


2 cans crushed tomatoes

1 container vegetable broth


Sauté vegetables in olive oil

Add crushed tomatoes and vegetable broth

Let warm through and then turn to simmer

Simmer until vegetables are tender

In the last ten minutes of cooking add pasta

Ritz crackers (optional)

Parmesan (optional)