The Tikkun Middot Project for Tevet: Chesed or Kindness

This week our Tikkun Middot group met to reflect upon the middah for the month of Tevet (Dec 23rd to Jan 20th): chesed, or kindness. I can’t think of a more fitting middah (“soul-trait”) for these winter months, where we find ourselves going inside for warmth, light, and comfort. Chesed breaks us out of our isolation and self-absorption, out of the stillness of hibernation, as we take action to understand, pay attention and give to one another.

Stumbling Upon a Good Thing: A Case for Recycling

A few weeks ago, Kendra Gerstein, the Religious School Director, and Marcos Higareda, our facilities engineer, approached me for guidance on what to do with the multitude of outdated computer and other electronic equipment stored in the Temple’s basement. In this age of seemingly planned obsolescence, these items were simply taking up vast amounts of space. Fortuitously, we stumbled across a business that made this purging a really positive experience.