The Tikkun Middot Project: Kavod: Honor and Respect

I was also concerned about being able to write a meaningful piece as I knew I would be missing the monthly meeting of the Tikkun Middot group. Studying in pairs, as we know, enhances learning, and that enrichment is multiplied when working with a group, especially one as respectful, intelligent, and safe as the mindful spirituality group of which I am so fortunate to be a part. How could I possibly impart wisdom to others before I had learned from this group and processed it? Moreover, we are only halfway through the Middot; and I am far from being enlightened.

Meatless Monday:Spinach, Peppers, and Cherry Tomatoes with Penne Rigate

When I first started writing these Meatless Monday posts I was not a vegetarian, but I wanted to begin to decrease the amount of meat that I was eating for various reasons. I thought that it would make me overall healthier, it was kinder for the environment, and was obviously better for the animals. It was never my intent or my goal to become a fulltime vegetarian.