The Tikkun Middot Project for Nisan: Bitachon, Trust

Bitachon may be one of the most difficult middot to acquire. The Hebrew root for Bitachon is .ח.ט.ב which means to be at ease, to trust and to be confident. In modern Hebrew the word Bitachon also means security and thus the Misrad HaBitachon is the Defense Ministry and Bituach Leumi is the National Insurance system. In classic Jewish literature the ultimate source of this sense of security is God.

Tikkun Middot: “Silence is a Fence For Wisdom”

In this month of Adar, we study the middah of Shtikah-Shmirat HaLashon—Silence and Mindful Speech. Rabbi Akiva, a great sage, praised silence, saying, “Silence is a fence for wisdom. (Pirkei Avot 3:13)