Temple Sholom of Chicago Statement Regarding the Western Wall

Temple Sholom of Chicago is deeply saddened by the cynical political decision of the Prime Minister of Israel to freeze his very own proposal of a liberal Jewish prayer space at the Western Wall. While Temple Sholom usually refrains from questioning decisions of the Israeli government, we cannot stand silent when, after years of good faith negotiations on the part of the Reform and Conservative movements, the Prime Minister has bowed to the pressure of the ultra-Orthodox political parties and sent a statement to world Jewry that we Jews do not matter.

This is not an Israeli issue. The Wall belongs to everyone. It is a world-wide Jewish issue and we cannot and should not remain silent. It is an argument among family members and friends. Our support for Israel – including its elected leaders – is steadfast. But this is not the time for silent acceptance. We are grateful for the recent decision of the board of the Jewish Agency to stand in solidarity with us and to cancel a planned dinner with the Israeli Prime Minister.

As our very name and our 150 years remind us, we stand for peace but also social justice. We also stand for truth and for integrity.

We will not stop fighting for integrity. We will not stop shining the light into places where it is lacking. And we will not stop working for true and lasting peace.

Edwin Goldberg, Senior Rabbi
Shoshanah Conover, Associate Rabbi
Sheera Ben-David, Cantor
Marc Kaufman, President

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