Or Chadash

Known in the social justice and personal equality arena, Temple Sholom of Chicago did it once again in 2016 by becoming the first Reform Synagogue in Chicago to integrate an LGBTQ-focused congregation into its general congregation. It’s been an incredible success! Or Chadash has dedicated events, programming and services as part of the Temple Sholom family. Each June, during PRIDE weekend, a Friday Night Service is held in honor of Or Chadash’s place in our sacred community. This past year, as part of the 50th Anniversary of the gay rights movement, a special presentation was given after services about the history of Or Chadash. As someone who’s been involved in gay rights and activism for decades, Norman Sandfield was the ideal person to provide this in-depth, colorful look at one organization’s history, growing from a mere idea to becoming a vital, active aspect of a thriving Reform Synagogue in under 4 decades. Norman’s, or rather Or Chadash’s, story can be read here.