The Biggest Blight on our Beach

There we were, Allie, Ascher and I, last Sunday on Montrose Beach on a bright and sunny, but windy, spring day. We had joined the Temple’s new Eco Chavura for Olam HaMitzvot and their Adopt-a-Beach program.

Cuba Libre for Temple Sholom

I’m typing this Blog (my first ever) on my iPhone from Cuba, on the drive from Havana to Cienfuegos, which is ironic since the vast majority of Cubans have never seen an iPad, or iPhone, or really any cell phone or smartphone for that matter. Of course, it will have to be sent when I get to the hotel since there’s no cell service available to us while out and about and I only hope the Internet is working – I’m told the service is spotty. It’s refreshing to walk down the street and not see people attached to their cell phones and smart phones as they walk (and drive).

Will the New Pope Be Good for the Jews?

Quite a lot of Jewish ink has been spilled over the last few weeks analyzing the pontificate of the now retired Benedict XVI, prognosticating on who might be his successor, and, once announced, reporting every detail of Francis’ history with the Jewish community.

Some words on Marriage Equality from Rabbi Conover

It’s almost hard to recall the sunny, forty-five degree weather I encountered in Springfield, Illinois, as I now sit in freezing, snow-covered Chicago. On Wednesday, I drove to our state capitol with Rabbi Max Weiss where we met forty other clergy members to lobby for Marriage Equality.

Eat your Matzos Green

Passover celebrates the exodus of the Jewish people from slavery to freedom. It is also rooted in the agricultural cycle of the year and coincides this year with the beginning of spring. It references a time when our ancestors were more connected on a daily basis to the natural world. To become more connected to the Earth and go “eco friendly” for this holiday, consider following all or some of the tips below: