Writes of Passage – Commencement

Commencement, Shalom, Aloha
Such words have layered and multiple meanings embedded even within the same context.

Each spring, the Temple Sholom Crown Family High School confirms our seniors during a congregational Shabbat Service. Each graduate delivers a sermonette on their personal Jewish identity and reflects on their experience. The amalgam and collective voice is a treasured glimpse into the minds of those about to launch. And we kvell as if they are all our offspring!

Old Becomes New

Rabbi Goldberg led a Worship committee meeting on April 30. The stalwarts attended to discuss clergy garb for the High Holy Days. Since the committee hadn’t met since last fall when we talked about something relative to the High Holy Days (I really don’t remember the topic, to tell the truth), I wasn’t sure what to expect. My guess was that the rabbi would tell us what he prefers, and we’d all say something to the effect of, “Ok, if that’s what you want,” and that would be that.

Cuba Libre for Temple Sholom

I’m typing this Blog (my first ever) on my iPhone from Cuba, on the drive from Havana to Cienfuegos, which is ironic since the vast majority of Cubans have never seen an iPad, or iPhone, or really any cell phone or smartphone for that matter. Of course, it will have to be sent when I get to the hotel since there’s no cell service available to us while out and about and I only hope the Internet is working – I’m told the service is spotty. It’s refreshing to walk down the street and not see people attached to their cell phones and smart phones as they walk (and drive).