Meatless Monday: Healthy Pumpkin Muffins

Fall is my favorite season for a lot of reasons, but one of the biggest is because I love the food associated with fall. It’s warm and cozy and delicious. My family goes a little apple crazy. They always dedicate a weekend to apple picking and then baking apple pies and making homemade apple sauce. Don’t get me wrong, I love my aunt’s homemade apple pies and sauces, but I also love pumpkin. Pumpkin pies, cookies, muffins. Okay, I admit, I haven’t met a pumpkin recipe I don’t like.

The Meaning of the Shofar

One the greatest of Jewish philosophers, Saadia Gaon, once listed ten reasons for the sounding of the shofar on Rosh Hashanah.

The Return of Meatless Monday

It has been so long since I sat down to write a Meatless Monday post I can’t even remember the last time I posted one. This weekend, I had one of my most favorite salads from childhood. It is the easiest salad to make, and it is really delicious. With this being the first weekend in October it really felt like my last opportunity to really get amazing tomatoes and sweet corn from the Farmer’s Market.

It’s almost Beach Season!

On a balmy Sunday afternoon last fall, a group of young families and other members from Temple Sholom participated in The Alliance For The Great Lakes Adopt-A-Beach™ volunteer program at the Montrose Avenue Beach.

With the cooperation of the weather, we were off to a good start for the activities, which were facilitated by the Temple’s Eco Chavura committee and coordinated with the Mischpacha group. Not surprisingly, most of the volunteers were young children and their parents.

Our not-so-secret Garden – Prepping the Gan Emunah on Olam Ha Mitzvot

Yes, there were ten people who actually were glad to see the rain this past week! These people were Temple members, young and old, who helped prepare the garden for spring during Olam HaMitzvot. Branches were removed, compost spread and two new pots near the bench were planted with Rosemary, Lavender and Pansies. For his bar mitzvah project, Miles Hart planted herbs in seven large pots to be used in the Monday Meal. Plants are starting to push up through the ground. Every day in the garden will be changing with the warming weather.

Mixing in the Air

Recently, at Temple Sholom we have installed faucet aerators throughout the entire building in efforts to improve sustainability. In doing so we learned a few things so we thought we’d share.

Did you know that for a few bucks you could cut water and energy costs by 50% by installing aerators in your faucets? A faucet aerator is an inexpensive, easy-to-install circular metal device with a screen that screws onto the end of the faucet. As the name implies, a faucet aerator adds air to the stream of water coming out of the faucet by breaking the water into fine droplets

Were you at the Indoor Farmer’s Market? When’s the next one?

An indoor winter farmer’s market was something I had to check out. Not only because I’m a new member of Temple Sholom’s Eco Chavurah, but because I really couldn’t think of what in the world could be grown during this “chiberia” winter. Coming from Miami, when winter is the growing season, I knew that Chicago and the surrounding area was going to be quite different. I was pleasantly surprised by all the goodies at the market, and it was great to see so many people enjoying the offerings of the vendors.