“I’m melting! melting! Oh, what a world, what a world!”

I’m melting! melting! Oh, what a world, what a world!”

We are all familiar with this infamous quote from the Wicked Witch of the West as she melted away to her demise. Over the last few weeks my 5 year old daughter, Quinn, has been somewhat obsessed with the Wizard of Oz since being introduced to it on a play date.

With all the recent Oz-dom completely taking over my home, the above Wicked Witch of the West (now referred to as “WWW”) quote came to mind. Let’s focus on the latter part of the quote, “…what a world, what a world!.” In the context of the movie, the WWW cries them out and is pretty upset with the world. We really can’t blame her, after all she was melting. In today’s world it’s extremely easy for one to also join the WWW and take the negative position on “..what a world, what a world!.”

Meatless Monday’s From Temple Sholom’s Eco Chavura

Did you know that one-fifth of the man made greenhouse gas emissions come from the meat industry? Or that for one pound of beef we use up to 2500 gallons of water? Or that the grazing the herds do is damaging our land quality? Crazy, right? Believe me I know that it can be overwhelming – there is so much information out there about how we can improve our environment – but there is one really small, easy change that we can all make that will have such huge rewards. All we have to do is just commit to going meatless once a week! One day, that’s it! By eliminating meat from our diets one day a week we can reduce our carbon footprint and help slow climate change. Not to mention we’re going to make ourselves healthier and be a little kinder to animals. Not bad for one day’s worth of work!


They leave their mark on you. When my wife Esther and I joined the Temple Sholom community, we had a lot of opportunities to become involved in it. And when we heard that congregants were working on sustainability issues, we jumped at the chance to help out. I can’t tell you every reason why, but I can tell you that a sense of place plays a part in it. …

Why Did We Choose the Name Eco-Chavura?

What’s in a name? Sometimes a lot. When we first started meeting as a group it became apparent that we each had our own nomenclature. Some of us used “Green Team”, some used “GreenFaith Initiative”, and others referred to us as the” Environmental Group”. We knew we needed to brand ourselves in a way that it made it clear what our purpose and values were…

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? – The Eco Chavura Story

I didn’t set out to create Eco Chavura (pronounced like Chanukah). It simply evolved, much as things do in nature. The Temple’s Building Committee asked me to conduct an inventory of things we could do…

The Biggest Blight on our Beach

There we were, Allie, Ascher and I, last Sunday on Montrose Beach on a bright and sunny, but windy, spring day. We had joined the Temple’s new Eco Chavura for Olam HaMitzvot and their Adopt-a-Beach program.

Eat your Matzos Green

Passover celebrates the exodus of the Jewish people from slavery to freedom. It is also rooted in the agricultural cycle of the year and coincides this year with the beginning of spring. It references a time when our ancestors were more connected on a daily basis to the natural world. To become more connected to the Earth and go “eco friendly” for this holiday, consider following all or some of the tips below: