A Summit On Excellence: ARJE 2020 By Jay Rapoport, RJE

When I recently attended the Association of Reform Jewish Educators (ARJE) Summit on Excellence in Denver, CO, I was excited for the inspirational learning from colleagues that I have come to expect from my ARJE annual gatherings, and to include our Youth Engagement & Curriculum Coordinator, Caleb Bromberg, in the experience for the first time. I didn’t expect to win …

Caleb Bromberg reflects on 5th-8th Grade Retreat

Despite the theme of this year’s 5th-8th Grade Retreat (“mystery”), all the clues are there as to how we build such a strong community in under 48 hours. It happens every time we take the ride out to camp and spend Shabbat playing, eating, singing, boogie-ing, laughing, competing, learning, sledding, and being ourselves together. Last week’s Torah portion was Lech L’cha, which …

Reflecting on B’yachad, our Havdalah Family Learning Club Pilot

Based on a recommendation from Temple Sholom’s Strategic Planning initiative, we recently piloted a new family education model called “B’yachad: Family Learning Club” for a small group of families with 4- and 5-year-olds not yet enrolled in Religious School. B’yachad means “together” and this program was based around best practices from our Yom Horim (Parent’s Day) events, Shabbat Mishpacha and …

Our Teens Speak Truth To Power

Eleven of our amazing high school students attended the L’Taken Social Justice Seminar at the Religious Action Center in D.C. in February to learn about the Reform Jewish perspective on contemporary issues and prepare to lobby our representatives on Capitol Hill regarding issues they are passionate about! In a democracy like the United States, all rights begin with the right to vote. As …

Reflections On My Adult Bat Mitzvah

On Saturday, September 13th I finally became a Bat Mitzvah. I grew up in a very small town in Ohio – a town so small that the total number of people living there is roughly the same number of people who belong to Temple Sholom. I also grew up as part of an interfaith family. Needless to say I did not grow up with a strong Jewish foundation. It was not until college that I discovered and embraced Judaism (at a Catholic University no less!). After college I struggled with finding the next step on my Jewish journey. I had learned so much about Judaism and its traditions and practices, but I kept feeling like it was somehow not complete, that I needed to do something else.

Lets’ try something new in Adult Ed

This Fall we are offering a brand new class in Temple Sholom’s Adult Education curriculum, “Mostly Midrash.” It has two educational goals.

First, we want to help people learn the process of “text study.” If the Torah were written plainly and with no poetry or ambiguity, it would be much simpler to read it and know what it means to be a Good person. But it would also be so boring that we would have left it behind thousands of years ago.

Gan Shalom at The Hallmark

Mitzvah Mitzvah Read all about it!. The children took an afternoon field trip to perform for the senior citizens at Hallmark Senior Living Center.