Shavuot Letter

Dear Temple Sholom Members, Soon comes a special day for all of us in the series of holidays throughout the year.  Fifty days after Passover, which is called the festival of our freedom, begins Shavuot, the celebration of God’s gift of the Torah to the Jewish People. Freedom is the central theme of Passover but Shavuot reminds us that there is no …

A celebration of life

Today I flew to my hometown for the memorial of a colleague’s husband and family friend, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a little over three years ago. A few weeks ago, when treatment options were finally exhausted, he moved home to live out his days with his family. The remarkable thing about today’s service was not merely that he had survived far beyond all expectations with this diagnosis, but that he was actually in attendance.

Carpool Karaoke for Excellence in Education

I spent the past four days commuting to Naperville for NewCAJE (New Conference of American Jewish Educators) 7, an annual multi-denominational gathering dedicated to reimagining Jewish Education for the 21st century.

In Praise of Failure

In Praise of Failure Edwin Goldberg I’m told that in the islands of the South Seas there are certain fruits which cannot be eaten and there are some places which cannot be approached. Serious harm will come to anyone who violates these prohibitions, which are called taboos. Perhaps we believe that taboos exist only on these distant islands, but actually …

The Tikkun Middot Project for Iyar: Emunah, Trustwortiness

While Emunah is usually translated as faith, in this session we focus on its related meaning – Trustworthiness. Emunah shares a Hebrew root with Oman, an artisan — someone who can be trusted or relied upon to produce a quality product. Emunah is that quality of reliability that we engender in others through our sustained honesty and consideration. A person or institution that acts with Emunah/trustworthiness is one in which you can have faith.

Temple Sholom President’s Yom Kippur Sermon

“First, I want to thank you. This is the second and last of my two years of the honor and joy it is to be our president.” Read more from Craig’s Sermon delivered on Yom Kippur.