The 20s & 30s community at Temple Sholom

Temple Sholom of Chicago’s 20’s and 30’s events seek to help young Chicago Jews glean from their religion a deeper sense of community, connection, meaning, spirituality, inspiration, as well as a context for doing good in the world.

Our monthly Sushi Shabbat events attract between 100-250 people and include themes such as “Honky Tonk Shabbat,” “Beat-Box Shabbat” and Shabbat services featuring great thinkers, musicians and performers.

We also have a very active “Young Couples Club.” They get together regularly for social events like apple picking, dinners, for sporting events, and to celebrate holidays.

At Temple Sholom, 20’s and 30’s also gravitate to Temple sponsored social action projects such as our weekly soup kitchen; the Monday Mitzvah Meal; and to local and out of state programs that combine volunteerism, study, and outdoor adventures such as a recent trip to Colorado which included a house build, Shabbat on a mountaintop, whitewater rafting and hiking.

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Upcoming Makom 20s/30s Events

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