Or Chadash

This is a community within Temple Sholom of Chicago of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) men and women, as well as anyone who supports and embraces diversity.

The mission of Or Chadash is to foster awareness, outreach, and support for the Jewish LGBTQ community within the Temple, in our neighborhood, and around the world. At Temple Sholom, there is a continued commitment to LGBTQ social causes and our Temple Clergy proudly officiate and endorse same-sex Jewish weddings. This group is a natural extension of that welcoming spirit, as the Temple continues to support diversity and welcome everyone in times of celebration or of need.

Any excuse to get to know other Temple members has always appealed to me. 
As Or Chadash president I get to organize several events a year that bring people together.Edwards Buice, Or Chadash Co-Chair

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