Annual Meeting

Kathleen Leszczynski

June 4, 2019 @ 6:45 pm

I am pleased to share – for your consideration and approval – the names of those who have been designated by the Nominating Committee to serve on the Temple Sholom Board of Directors.

The Nominating Committee presents the following slate for election at the 2019 Annual Meeting:


Jed Silberg – President
Karen Lewis – Secretary
Michael Radner – Treasurer

Elected Directors:

Bill Anspach
John Bremen
Pam Lookatch
Jeff Luchs
Kimberly Pendo
Aaron Rios-Lebowitz
Julie Walner

In addition to the group set out above, the Nominating Committee recommended an additional individual, listed below, to serve a two-year term on the Board of Directors as a Presidential Appointee. This recommendation was accepted and approved by the Board of Directors, in accordance with the Temple Bylaws, at its most recent meeting.

Presidential Appointee Director:

Steven Fadem

Temple Sholom’s 2019 – 2020 Board of Directors will also include the following individuals, who are all currently serving on the Board and whose two-year terms continue through the coming membership year:

Aaron Charfoos
Matt Dicker
Irene Goldstein
Marc Kaufman *
Lilli Kornblum
Matty Major
Sherry Weil

* Immediate Past President

This year’s Nominating Committee was comprised of the following members of the Temple Sholom Board of Directors and the broader congregational community:

Audra Berg *
Stacey Dombar
David Jasmer
Marc Kaufman *
David Lipschultz *
Jeff Luchs *
Kimberly Pendo *

* Current Member, Temple Sholom Board of Directors


David Lipschultz
Chair, Nominating Committee
Temple Sholom Board of Directors