Monthly Film Night

TempleSholom Designer

November 4, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Lori Curtis

The Yankles (2009)  PG13, 1 hr.55 min.
The Yankles is a 2009 film about a fictitious college-level baseball team made up of students from an Orthodox Yeshiva.

The Rosh yeshiva (rabbinical dean) of an Orthodox Jewish yeshiva (theological school) decides that the school should have a baseball team to compete in the college league. Elliot (Michael Buster), one of the students with a background in minor league baseball, is able to convince Charlie Jones (Brian Wimmer), a former major league player who had been imprisoned as a result of DUI convictions—and now has to perform almost 200 hours of community service—to coach the team. As he coaches the team, he gives the players “a new measure of skill and confidence,” as they help him regain his self-respect.[3]

The title is the name of the ball team, based on Yankle as the Yiddish language nickname for Jacob, used as a play-on-words with the famous ball team, the Yankees.[4] An additional pun is reflected in the words painted on the school bus the yeshiva ball team uses: “In the Big Inning.”[4]