Lifelong Learning Mission Statement

Guided by, and grounded in, our sacred Jewish texts and traditions, we are committed to learning that embraces, inspires, and matters to our congregation and community at every age and level. At Temple Sholom, we:

  • instill Jewish values
  • further the development of a strong and positive Jewish identity, and
  • cultivate an appreciation for Jewish history, culture and language

resulting in deep resilience, empathy for others, and a meaningful spiritual context for our modern lives not only as Jews, but as humans. Through our engaging and inclusive approach, our education program aims to create and deepen the connection of members to their lifecycle events, the synagogue, each other, and to the broader Jewish community.

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Our Lifelong Learning department includes:

Frederick C. Schwartz Judaic Library

The Rabbi Frederick C. Schwartz Library of Temple Sholom is a resource to both the congregation and the wider community. The Library houses a collection of about 6,000 book titles for adults and 2,000 titles for children. The adult collection is comprehensive and wide-ranging providing everything from Torah study to Jewish history, including works on the Holocaust, Jewish religion, philosophy and customs as well as the most recent Jewish, Yiddish and Israeli fiction (in translation). There is also a video collection of about 300 titles and a journal collection of some 30 titles.

The Library is generally open for self-guided use when the Temple is open during weekdays and at times when the religious school and adult education classes are in session. You can borrow any book in the regular collection (not reference or magazines) by signing the card in the back of the book with your name and phone number and putting it in the box on the library desk. Books should be returned in approximately 3 weeks.

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