Crown Family High School

Crown Family High School/Tichon Shalom Program

Crown Family High School/Tichon Shalom program, leading to a “Senior Seminar” and Graduation/Kabbalat Torah ceremony at the end of 12th grade, is open to students in grades 9 through 12, whose parents are Temple members. Teens meet on Wednesday evenings with our faculty consisting of the Rabbis, Cantor, Director of Lifelong Learning, and Youth Engagement & Curriculum Coordinator. The evening begins with dinner discussion and social time, followed by Ma’ariv (Evening Worship), and a class session. This year’s curriculum, based on our educational theme, Eilu v’Eilu, will be taught by Caleb Bromberg and Rabbi Scott Gellman, along with other members of our clergy and special guests. Students have the opportunity to suggest their own topics of discussion throughout the year, and teens are always welcome to stop by and try it out!

Teen Experiences

    The goals of the program are:
    • To provide the students with a welcoming, safe, social environment in which to connect to other Jewish teens, the Chicago Jewish Community, clergy, and to Temple Sholom.
    • To provide students an opportunity to explore, adapt, solidify, and/or change their own Jewish beliefs, practices, and traditions.
    • To generate enthusiasm for the depth and breadth of Jewish culture, love for the Jewish people and our way of life.
    • To provide students with the tools to function as articulate, socio-politically aware Jews on the college campus and beyond.
“The Crown Family High School is a great place to get a better idea of what role Judaism plays in your life.

It teaches us about our religion beyond the Torah, traditional customs, and other important parts of Judaism… On how Judaism affects who we are as young adults and how we can continue to maintain a relationship with Judaism throughout our lives.”Dale Golden, Crown School graduate

Madrichim High School Teacher Assistant Program

Madrichim (teacher’s aides) are 8th-12th graders who help out in Religious School classrooms or our office on Sunday mornings, during Midweek Hebrew, and/or Junior Youth Group events! All Temple Sholom high school students are eligible to apply for this opportunity to earn money or service learning hours while making a positive impact upon younger students as mentors and role models. We offer Madrichim training in our 8th grade Sunday class as well as regular check-in lunches after school with Rabbi Gellman and Youth Engagement & Curriculum Coordinator Caleb Bromberg. Participation in this program keeps teens connected to their Jewish community and helps them to be stronger candidates for summer jobs and stand out on college applications.

8th Graders have the opportunity to practice and hone the skills learned in their Sunday Madrichim (teacher assistant) training class during Midweek Hebrew on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Midweek Madrichim will be placed in a classroom or the Religious School office and be given further training, leadership roles, and opportunities to apply their learning from Sunday class. 8th Grade students can opt to be Midweek Madrichim on Tuesdays from 4-5:30 PM or Wednesdays from 6-7:30 PM. Participation in the 8th Grade program on Sundays is highly recommended, but not required to participate in the Midweek Madrichim program.

L’taken Teen Social Justice Seminar at The Religious Action Center (R.A.C.)

L’taken Teen Social Justice Seminar at The Religious Action Center (R.A.C.)
High school students have an amazing opportunity to travel to D.C. with Temple Sholom teens, clergy, and educators to learn how to lobby on Capitol Hill about issues they are passionate about, as part of the L’taken Social Justice Weekend Seminar for teens at our Reform movement’s lobbying organization, the Religious Action Center (RAC). This is a chance to make a difference both at the national and local level! Our clergy and educators have attended this trip many times and have seen that it is a transformative culminating experience for all who attend. Teens can earn 35 hours of community service for participating in this social justice program and there will be ample time for socializing, touring, and learning about the Reform Jewish perspective on various topics with hundreds of other Reform Jewish teens!

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