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Drs. Cheryl & Ernie Gutmann in the birth of their granddaughter Maya Simone: the proud parents are Laurie and Josh Koshn, and bif brother is Alder Kahn (10/28).

Dr. Marci & Mr. Robert Laragh on the birth on their son, William John (10/30).

Alison Lorber & Ed Siskin on the marriage of their daughter Brielle Siskin to Dan Harrow (11/3).

Emily Maness & Michael Smith on their wedding (11/17).

Dr.Neal & Jodie Joseph on the engagement of their daughter, Caroline, to Brandon Cohen (11/17).

Zachary Keske (1/19)

Jennifer Ruby Fleishman (1/26)

Casey Nora Luchs (1/26)

Samantha Dombar (2/23)

Sydney Dombar (2/23)

Benjamin Labaschin
Edwina Levine
Adrienne Nadeau
Pam Nadeau
Stewart & Evelyn Pinsof
Michael & Sandra Richman (Daniel & Hannah)
Jeri Sirt

Elaine Reisin (12/1) Grandmother of Danielle Kaufman (Aaron)

Michael Warren (12/2)
Father of Dan Warren (Amy)

Ilyse Levin Casey (12/4)
Cousin of Robert Gordon

Charles Stix (12/5)
Father of Cathy Stix (Len Siegal)

Bernard Harris (12/13)
Father of Julie Walner (Jon)


November 1, 2018 Heshvan 23, 5779
Mr. Irwin Axelrod
Burton Barrish
Lillie Johnson*
Ruth Lash
Shelly Lasko
Ilya Leyzerovich
Budd Lindenbaum
Tamara Swartzman

November 2, 2018 Heshvan 24, 5779
Seymour Guyer
June Lauter
Harold Leon
Mr. Harold Leon
Edward Matras

November 3, 2018 Heshvan 25, 5779
Charles E. Abrohams
David Bookshester
Jeanne Calisoff
Brian Lasser
E. Paul Lichtenstein*
Marilyn Potter

November 4, 2018 Heshvan 26, 5779
Theodore Cremer
Laurence Friedman
Judy Kadish
Jennifer Kapp
Martin Kaufman
Jules Lasko
Barry Weiss
Marge Wolf

November 5, 2018 Heshvan 27, 5779
Tillie Chor
Daisy Driss*
Morton Greenberg*
Jacob Grossinger*
Fritz Gutmann
Irving Neims
Sue Perlman
Marvin Ullman

November 6, 2018 Heshvan 28, 5779
Bella Fox
Lawrence Lipsitz
Irvin Markel
Gloria Narrod*
Helen Russ

November 7, 2018 Heshvan 29, 5779
FloAnn Bina*
Arthur Castleton
A.J. Clonick*
Rhea Cowen*
Jerry Gardner
Charles Greenburg
Sam Horowitz*
Esther Sonia Margolis
Helen Markel
Rose Wilens

November 8, 2018 Heshvan 30, 5779
Sandford Berg
Mary Friedman
H. Samuel Gold*
Max Pildes
Jason Samuels
Hazel Schreiber
Valerie Warshauer
Louis Werhane

November 9, 2018 Kislev 1, 5779
Eva Cherkasky
Joyce Hirsch
Johanna Nussbaum
Howard Radner*
Eleanor Rich
Emy Schwartz*

November 10, 2018 Kislev 2, 5779
Jonathan Brand
Kim Geller
Minnie Rudich
Angelica Tsvilikhovskiya
Jerrold Wexler

November 11, 2018 Kislev 3, 5779
FloAnn Bina*
Janice Cherney
Morris Dantzker
Jay Kaplan
Sylvia Katz
Helen Lasser
Helene Levine
Rose Welch

November 12, 2018 Kislev 4, 5779
Gordon DeCook
Alex Kordonsky
Morris Lustig*
Jakob J. Petuchowski
Ruth Silverman
Helen Zarkadas
Isabelle Zimmerman

November 13, 2018 Kislev 5, 5779
Dr. Leslie Rudoy
Danni Monus Schaol

November 14, 2018 Kislev 6, 5779
Howard Harris
Arthur Johnson*
Joan Lewisohn
Sol Reifler*
Isadore Siegel

November 15, 2018 Kislev 7, 5779
Jolly Benach
Lonnie Klein
Sophie Levy
Robert David London*

November 16, 2018 Kislev 8, 5779
Joan Blutter
Marvin Rosenblum
Dolores Sherman
Myra Weis

November 17, 2018 Kislev 9, 5779
Walter Fleisher
Jules Katz*
Benjamin Levy
Frances Levy
Robert Salpeter

November 18, 2018 Kislev 10, 5779
Tova Ben-Yoseph
Clara Brown
Morris Fisher
Doris Goldberg
Marvin Gordon
Marion Holtzer
Beverly Kaplan
Norman Kobert
Robert Libbin
Chuck Lieb

November 19, 2018 Kislev 11, 5779
Joseph Arnove
Daniel Bomchill*
Natalee Chill
Dorothy Dantzker
Renee Kurjan
Rebecca Neuschatz

November 20, 2018 Kislev 12, 5779
Julius Barder
Laurence Friedman
Robert Rolsky
Sidney Saevitz

November 21, 2018 Kislev 13, 5779
Frances Amsterdam
Beverly Bodker
Nathan Feinstein
Maya Kaufman
Dr. Lawrence Krugel
Charles Plax
Seymour Shiner
Bertha Wolf

November 22, 2018 Kislev 14, 5779
Tova Ben-Yoseph
Rochelle Freedman
Michael Horowitz
William Paglin
Sylvia Sorkin*
Harold Weisbaum

November 23, 2018 Kislev 15, 5779
Eugene Fuhrer*
Maxine B. Inlander
Joseph Loew
Steve Narefsky

November 24, 2018 Kislev 16, 5779
Audrey Bieder
Matthew Bucksbaum
Scott DeGraff
Sarah Katzman
Isador Levine
George Wartey

November 25, 2018 Kislev 17, 5779
David Gradman
Andrew Zarkadas

November 26, 2018 Kislev 18, 5779
Jerry Cohen
Phyllis Kadish
Samuel Kaplan
Edward Marco
Gloria Stender

November 27, 2018 Kislev 19, 5779
Solomon Bendet
Goldie Covan

November 28, 2018 Kislev 20, 5779
Zola Bailey
S. Richard Brown
Linnea Cutler
Ernest Michelson*
Ada Perlin
Clayton Weil
Monnie Wiengarden

November 29, 2018 Kislev 21, 5779
Bernard Arkin
Theodore Komen
Morton Smoller

November 30, 2018 Kislev 22, 5779
Elsie Berke*
Mendel Rokhfeld
Jack Zussman

* Denotes they have a Yahrzeit Plaque

Lifecycle Event Celebrations and Ceremonies at Temple Sholom.

As a privilege of membership, Members may call on the Rabbis and Cantor to officiate and/or use the Temple facilities in observance of life cycle events.


Planning your wedding is a sacred opportunity for our Clergy to develop a relationship with you that culminates in your unique ceremony. The process includes counseling on rituals and other topics tailored to your goals as a couple.

Baby Naming & Brit Milah

Announcing the birth of a child to the community is a sacred and important milestone for a Jewish family. Baby Naming and Brit Milah (ritual circumcision) ceremonies are offered by Temple Sholom and performed by adept community members. Growing up Jewish means the community is there for you every step of the way. Mazel tov on your new arrival!

B’nai Mitzvah

We celebrate this rite of passage in a congregational setting on Shabbat mornings. In addition to classroom work, students meet with their Rabbinic Mentor over the course of a year, as well as individual tutoring sessions. This long term preparation forges bonds and enables thoughtful and mature approaches to the entire experience.


Conversion focused programming includes Adult Education classes and other learning opportunities, special Services, meetings with clergy, and lifecycle based events.

Funeral Services

If you experience the loss of a loved one, our compassionate Clergy will support, counsel and comfort your family during a time of grief and difficult decision making. It is our sacred obligation to bring dignified and meaningful closure to those in mourning, remembering those of blessed memory.

We are affiliated with Lake Shore Jewish Funerals and Westlawn Cemetery & Mausoleum

Make Temple Sholom a Part of Your Celebration.

Current Celebrations

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