E-Cards…a great way to be green

60 something …wife, mother and grandmother of 2 beautiful boys

I have to admit that when e-cards started showing up in my in-box, my first thought was that my friends were cheaping out. And granted e-cards can run the gamut from free (where there is advertising attached) to moderate in price. Hallmark, American Greeting and Jackie Lawson to name a few sell you a year’s subscription for less than $15 and with that you can send as many cards to as many people as you want.

Then there is the convenience factor. If you are pressed for time or are unable to get out, then the last thing you want to be doing is running to the card store and the post office. Again e-cards save the day. There are literally hundreds of styles and messages to choose from. And you can actually take an afternoon and input all of your friends and families important dates and what card you want to send and it will be done automatically.