Kendra in Israel #3!

Milat Hayom: Shuk

Word of the Day: Market

On Fridays, it is common practice to go to the outdoor market (Shuk) which is called Machaneh Yehudah to do shopping for Shabbat. It is a VERY busy place on Fridays–full of locals and tourist, many birthright participants. There are some great restaurants there also. I went shopping with my friend Ayala last Friday and we got some groceries, challot for dinner, rugalach for seudat shlishit the next day, and some produce. I like to get the kibukim (sometimes called American peanuts) They are my favorite! Luckily I was with a local who told me which vendor to buy them from, because the first place I stopped, she told me, is underneath where the birds perch. Yuck. We had a very nice lunch where we overheard a conversation (in Hebrew, of course) where a guest told the owner, “we came from very far to eat here!” and he asked, “oh really? From where?” they answered a town about 45 minutes away, and the owner said, “that’s nothing! I have people who come from America here all the time!”