Can Temple Sholom’s Bulletins Teach us about World War II? – Thursday in Temple Sholom History

This week’s post is less focused on an artifact and more on an idea. How can we look at the Temple’s recorded history in the context of the events of World War II?

As I was looking through the old bulletins looking for information about interesting historical facts in Temple history, Kendra Gerstein (our B’nai Mitzvah Coordinator and Director of Curriculum) and I struck up a conversation. After all I was invading her space, because the old bulletins were moved to her office in a cupboard that you have to stand on a chair to get to.

What does Astronaut Gordon Cooper have to do with Temple Sholom? Thursday in Temple Sholom History

Found a curious bit of info in the 1963 D’var from the first week of June. This small article (no more than 50 words) is titled L’envoi – Rabbi Binstock and Fredrick A. Eisenberg have signed it.

It’s a dedication that reads:

We close our past year of wonderful temple activities with the exciting outer space achievement of Astronaut Gordon Cooper still filling our minds and hearts with great pride and anticipation for the future. We cannot say “farewell” without expressing the hope that our achievements in inner space within our minds and hearts and souls through the ever increasing and inspiring thrust of Judaism will fill us with the same joy and anticipation – and above all PEACE.