Rally for Immigration Reform!

If your Shabbat practice allows, join Andrew Keene (NFTY President), Governor Quinn, Mayor Emmanuel and thousands of others this Saturday, October 5 at 9am for a rally immigration reform at Union Park.

On this Shabbat, we read a story with which many faiths are familiar: the story of Noah. The iconic dove– graceful, beautiful and brave– has come to symbolize the peace movement. I believe she is a fitting symbol for immigration reform as well.

You know the tale: God brought a flood that destroyed all living things on earth save Noah, his wife, children and the animals on the ark. After the rain had stopped, first Noah sent out a raven who never to returned from his search for dry land. Next Noah sent out the dove. She circled and circled, looking anywhere and everywhere to land. Finding no dry land, she returned to the ark.