Kendra in Israel! Blog #2

Milat Hayom: Misibah
Word of the Day: Party

Yesterday was my first full day here. That seems weird since I left home four days ago. It has been really nice to hang out with my friends who live here and be a part of their daily routine. I am staying with close friends of mine from OSRUI, Mara and Josh and their two daughters, Noa and Ella. Noa is almost 3 and goes to Gan just down the street at the Reform Synagogue in Jerusalem, Kol HaNeshema. Josh and I walked Noa there in the morning (well Noa ran most of the way). Jay walking is a serious offense here so when we got to the cross walk and the man is red, he asks Noa, who is that? She answers, Esav (Esau) and when it is green? I thought, Yaakov? (Jacob?) but no, Gumby. Ha!