Or Chadash

Known in the social justice and personal equality arena, Temple Sholom of Chicago did it once again in 2016 by becoming the first Reform Synagogue in Chicago to integrate an LGBTQ-focused congregation into its general congregation. It’s been an incredible success! Or Chadash has dedicated events, programming and services as part of the Temple Sholom family. Each June, during PRIDE …

Or Chadash

Or Chadash, Temple Sholom’s LGBT affiliate member group is proud to provide a wide range of spiritual and social programming, including monthly Friday night services, holiday and festival celebrations, a variety of social activities, and programs honoring individuals and organizations who have also served the LGBT community. Previously named Am Keshet, this group recently expanded when Congregation Or Chadash (New …

On account of it’s June – LGBT Pride!

For me this is one of the most exciting times in the LGBT Community because June is Pride Month. Beginning June 1, the LGBT community will contemplate our accomplishments over the past year and look to the next year and think about what are our next steps we need to take towards taking a seat at the table of equality; we are going to cast a sharp and at times a critical eye at ourselves as individuals and as community as well as compare ourselves to the ally community. Pride Month is not all about contemplation because the LGBT community loves having fun and Pride provides an opportunity for us to celebrate with our families, friends, allies, business and spiritual associates the positive changes that have occurred in the community over the past year. All the above, is just run up to biggest celebration party, the Pride Parade.

Marriage Equality at Temple Sholom

Bill Healey and I were married at Temple Sholom on Sunday August 1, 2010 At that point in our relationship we had been together for 23 years.

Having an actual wedding never occurred to us, as odd as that sounds. We had met with Rabbi Shoshanah Conover one morning to discuss our spiritual experience and how it related to Temple Sholom. Bill is Catholic but had not found a spiritual home since moving back to Chicago 9 years ago.

Some words on Marriage Equality from Rabbi Conover

It’s almost hard to recall the sunny, forty-five degree weather I encountered in Springfield, Illinois, as I now sit in freezing, snow-covered Chicago. On Wednesday, I drove to our state capitol with Rabbi Max Weiss where we met forty other clergy members to lobby for Marriage Equality.