Peet’s Coffee, You’re Better Than That!

This morning, after two months in Chicago, I made it to my favorite coffee place for the first time, Peet’s Coffee. Boy, do I love that coffee! Nevertheless, my joy was tempered by the young woman I met who was sitting outside the shop. She was quietly asking for support to have her job reinstated. She has worked at that store for five years. She was fired last week because three times in the past year she was late to work. Her problem is that she is not paid enough to live near the Peet’s Coffee store. Therefore she has to commute from far away. She also has to be at the store at 4:45 am. Her manager wanted to keep her on but her supervisor overruled the decision. The reason for this unusual step is that last year the employee took part in an effort to raise remuneration above minimum wage and also to allow for sick days. Not having sick folks make my coffee seems pretty sound to me.