Rosh Hashanah Sermon from Rabbi Sandmel

In his famous 1966 essay “No Religion is an Island,” [Union Theological Seminary
Quarterly Review 21:2,1 (January 1966) Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote:
Our era marks the end of complacency, the end of evasion, the end of selfreliance.
Jews and Christians share the perils and the fears; we stand on the brink
of the abyss together. Interdependence of political and economic conditions all
over the world is a basic fact of our situation. Disorder in a small obscure country
in any part of the world evokes anxiety in people all over the world. Parochialism
has become untenable. …
Horizons are wider, dangers are greater. No religion is an island. We are all
involved with one another. Spiritual betrayal on the part of one of us affects the
faith of all of us. Views adopted in one community have an impact on other
communities. Today religious isolationism is a myth.