B’nai Mitzvah Projects

“The world rests on three things: study, worship, and acts of loving kindness.”Pirke Avot

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Each of these three things is part of preparing to become a B’nai Mitzvah at Temple Sholom. To fulfill the G’milut Chasadim requirement of B’nai Mitzvah study, students choose a Mitzvah project.

Students preparing to become a B’nai Mitzvah learn what it means to be part of a community by finding ways to contribute to it. Many students volunteer their time while others raise funds or collect items to donate. While there is no specific requirement for this project, we ask that students choose a topic that is meaningful to them and set a specific and achievable goal to be reached (e.g., a number of hours to volunteer, an amount to be raised, etc.).

Volunteer and Make a Difference.