THE UNION FOR REFORM JUDAISM BIENNIAL takes place in our backyard this year! Don’t miss the seminars, sessions and 5,000 person Shabbat.
December 11-15 at the McCormick Center.

Early Bird Pricing continues through this Wednesday, October 16. There are many other pricing options available, too. For a complete list, visit

Temple Sholom is also offering a limited number of subsidies. If interested, contact Executive Director, Jeremy Perlin, at


We will rise and shine brightly for our time has come. Isaiah 60:1

We welcome you as you are; In every stage of your life.
We say to you “Hineynu – We are here when you need us.”
We challenge you to grow; to join our search for relevance and renewal in ancient wisdom.

We say to you “Awaken! So much to be discovered!”
We invite you to share our mission:
To be a source of healing in the world

To ask with us: “If not now, when? What is our sacred work?”
Thus we remember that we are a community that engages in Torah (sacred study), Avodah (spiritual exploration),
Tikkun Middot (personal growth) and Tikkun Olam (healing a broken world).

“Whether taking a class, enjoying a special musical event or feeling enriched after a thoughtful sermon, Temple Sholom is there for me in many ways.”Pamela Narins, Temple and committee member

A Sacred Community That Embraces, Inspires, and Matters.