Building Sacred Community since 1867.





We will rise and shine brightly for our time has come. Isaiah 60:1

We welcome you as you are; In every stage of your life.
We say to you “Hineynu – We are here when you need us.”
We challenge you to grow; to join our search for relevance and renewal in ancient wisdom.

We say to you “Awaken! So much to be discovered!”
We invite you to share our mission:
To be a source of healing in the world

To ask with us: “If not now, when? What is our sacred work?”
Thus we remember that we are a community that engages in Torah (sacred study), Avodah (spiritual exploration),
Tikkun Middot (personal growth) and Tikkun Olam (healing a broken world).

“Whether taking a class, enjoying a special musical event or feeling enriched after a thoughtful sermon, Temple Sholom is there for me in many ways.”Pamela Narins, Temple and committee member

Featured Celebration:

The Heinzmann Baby Naming Ceremony

Brooke and Nicholas Heinzmann welcome their newborn Wilhelmina into their lives and into the Temple Sholom community with Rabbi Goldberg. Baby naming and Brit Milah (ritual circumcision) ceremonies are important lifecycle events in the Jewish community. And how much more special when there is a community to celebrate with you and your expanding family!

Featured Community Group:

Monday Meal Mitzvah

The Monday Meals Mitzvah team represents an ongoing effort to make sure that the less fortunate are continuously cared for and fed. Every Monday, a team of volunteers of all ages and from all walks of life put together packs of food for Chicago’s homeless, hungry, and disenfranchised. Monday Meals is just one of a huge number of ongoing Tikun Olam (healing the world) projects at Temple Sholom. Others can be found on the Social Justice page!

A Sacred Community That Embraces, Inspires, and Matters.