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This Year in Jerusalem!

Important Update on Our Israel Trip

As we navigate the unfolding events in Israel, our commitment to the safety and meaningful engagement of our community remains paramount. We are currently reassessing the itinerary of our upcoming trip scheduled for June 19-30, 2024. Our focus is to ensure that our journey not only offers spiritual and cultural enrichment but also aligns with the evolving situation. We are exploring the possibility of adapting our trip to provide a service-oriented experience that offers support to local communities. Further details will be communicated as we continue to monitor the developments closely. 

Please join us for an informational session on Nov. 15, 2023, where we will discuss the trip's direction and address any questions you may have. Stay tuned for updates, and thank you for your understanding and flexibility.

Discover the Soul of Israel: A Spiritual and Cultural Journey with Rabbi Conover and the Temple Sholom community

June 19-30, 2024

Join Rabbi Conover and the community on this incredible 12-day journey, offering a perfect blend of spiritual enrichment, historical insight, and cultural discovery. Reserve your spot today for an unforgettable trip that will leave you forever connected to the soul of Israel.

Want to learn more about this trip? We will host an informational session for the trip on Wednesday, November 15th, 2023 at 6:30pm at Temple Sholom. You'll have the chance to review the itinerary, make requests and ask all your questions. (A light dinner will be served.) Register HERE.

Interested in this trip to Israel but not ready to register? No problem! Fill out this form so we can reach out and get connected to answer any questions you may have.


  • Ancient Wonders: Begin your journey by exploring the awe-inspiring City of David, the cradle of ancient Jerusalem where Kings David and Solomon once ruled. Wander through Jerusalem's Old City and the Jewish Quarter, where each stone whispers secrets of millennia gone by.
  • A Lesson in Resilience: Travel through the haunting yet inspirational halls of Yad Vashem, the national Holocaust memorial, for a profound lesson in the resilience and indomitable spirit of the Jewish people.
  • Marketplace Magic: Experience the kaleidoscope of flavors, scents, and sounds at Mahane Yehuda, Jerusalem's bustling open-air market. Taste your way through delectable pastries, fresh produce, and local specialties.
  • A Spiritual Milestone: Celebrate our Bnei Mitzvah at Azarat Israel, adjacent to the Western Wall—the holiest site in Judaism. Feel the unbreakable bond that ties you to generations past and those yet to come.
  • Archeological Adventures: Don your archaeologist's hat at Beit Guvrin Caves. Participate in a live dig, unearthing artifacts that shed light on ancient civilizations.
  • Mystical Heights: Journey to the mystical city of Tsfat, the birthplace of Kabbalah, where you'll explore age-old synagogues and meet local artisans.
  • Off-Road Exploration: Hold tight during an exhilarating jeep tour of the Golan Heights, offering unparalleled views of Israel's rugged beauty.
  • Culinary and Wine Excursion: Sample some of Israel’s finest wines at the esteemed Pelter Winery, where tradition meets innovation in every bottle.
  • Nature's Best: Embark on an adrenaline-pumping raft or kayak trip down the Jordan River. Feel the natural serenity envelop you as you navigate the waters.
  • Street Art and Modern Culture: Witness the vibrant, modern side of Israel on an urban adventure graffiti tour in Tel Aviv, a city that never sleeps.
  • Spiritual Sunset: End your week with a soul-stirring Kabbalat Shabbat service overlooking the shimmering Mediterranean Sea—a perfect blend of natural beauty and spiritual resonance.
  • New Horizons: Be among the first to visit the newly opened ANU Museum of the Jewish People, bringing 4,000 years of Jewish history, culture, and achievements to life.
  • And So Much More...



  • Does El Al have a direct flight that will coordinate with the times we want to arrive to and depart from our trip?
    • TBD
  • Is there someone who can help us arrange our flights?
    • We can recommend an air vendor; any local travel agent can help 
  • Will there be a shuttle to take us to and from the airport?
    • We will pick up the largest group arriving together, we can offer additional transfer as well
  • How many kids are currently signed up for the trip?
    • TBD
  • How will we avoid the heat of the day during the outdoor activities?
    • Light clothes, lots of water, shade, and planning days accordingly
  • How will transportation work when we do casual evenings with dining/shopping on our own?
    • Taxis are available; Israel has a user-friendly Taxi App for cell phones
  • Will we get a detailed packing list?
    • Yes, two weeks prior the trip
  • Can we get someone to brief us on the current political situations in Israel? 
    • Of course! (Before and During Trip)
Mon, July 22 2024 16 Tammuz 5784