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This Year in Jerusalem!

You are invited to join Rabbi Conover and some wonderful Temple Sholom friends for a trip of a lifetime. Travel together to Israel this summer, June 22 - July 3, 2022

Explore this country of contrasts, contradictions, creativity, and insights. Hit all the highlights of any great trip to Israel--from the Old City of Jerusalem to the inventiveness of modern Tel Aviv. Head down to the depths of the Dead Sea and up to the heights of Tzfat.  

This trip will be unique in its exposure to Israel’s complexities. Meet with some of the geniuses behind innovative faith, ecological and social initiatives that provide great hope to Israel’s future in a challenging environment. Experience some of the hottest culinary and arts scenes in the country. At each stop, there will be unique adult experiences as well as separate, engaging activities for youth. And, debrief each day together, meeting some of the finest rabbis and thought leaders in Israel.  

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  • Does El Al have a direct flight that will coordinate with the times we want to arrive to and depart from our trip?
    • El Al does not have a direct flight to Chicago at this point
  • Is there someone who can help us arrange our flights?
    • We can recommend an air vendor; any local travel agent can help 
  • Will there be a shuttle to take us to and from the airport?
    • We will pick up the largest group arriving together, we can offer additional transfer as well
  • How many kids are currently signed up for the trip?
    • Four (ages 12-15)
  • How will we avoid the heat of the day during the outdoor activities?
    • Light clothes, lots of water, shade, and planning days accordingly (6 a.m. drive to Masada)
  • How will we be in touch with the group when we do separate activities in evenings?
    • When a program is included in the evening the tour educator will be with you and the activities are close by; when it is a free evening you can be in touch via our group chat and coordinate taxi transportation
  • How will transportation work when we do casual evenings with dining/shopping on our own?
    • Taxis are available; Israel has a user-friendly Taxi App for cell phones
  • Can we peel away from any of the activities to see family and friends in Israel?
    • Yes, however not every day (days that we are switching hotels are tricky)
  • Can some of the group tour holy sites of other religions (like the Church of the Holy Sepulcher) when we are in the Old City of Jerusalem?
    • Yes
  • Will we get a detailed packing list?
    • Yes, two weeks prior the trip
  • Can we get someone to brief us on the current political situations in Israel? 
    • Of course! (Before and During Trip)
Sun, January 23 2022 21 Sh'vat 5782