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Mindful Jewish Aging

Mindful Jewish Aging (MJA) brings together a dedicated group of people who are focused on exploring the spiritual gifts of life after fifty. 

Sociologist Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot writes, “We must develop a compelling vision of later life, one that does not assume a trajectory of decline after fifty, but recognizes this as a time of potential change, growth, and new learning…” 

While Zalman Schacter-Shalomi teaches, “As the period in which we harvest the fruits of a lifetime’s labor, it gives us the panoramic vision from which spiritual wisdom flows.” 

Led by Cantor Katzman, Debra Paskind and Andy Simmons, the group meets on a monthly basis to study, schmooze, eat, sing and investigate this rewarding period of our lives, using ancient and modern texts, poetry, art and music as our guides.  

Sun, September 26 2021 20 Tishrei 5782