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Pride Month is Over, Our Work is Not

06/30/2022 05:00:03 PM


Jude Kamler

"May the One who delivered our ancestors from oppression to freedom, redeem us and all marginalized peoples. May the Holy One instill in us the wisdom to know our liberations are entwined together."
- Rabbi Lily Solochek

Or Chadash and Temple Sholom just wrapped up an incredible Pride month, filled with special programming, worship services, and social events.

Some of the highlights include the Congregational Pride Shabbat, attending the Lincoln Park Zoo’s Pride Night, and marching in the Chicago Pride Parade with Keshet and other Chicagoland synagogues and Jewish organizations. We are so grateful to have such a strong, robust LGBTQ+ community where we can honor our history, celebrate our victories, and marvel at just how far we have come.

And yet, in light of the recent Supreme Court decisions, the rise in anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, and other disheartening current events, celebrating progress can feel difficult, or even entirely out of reach. We may ask ourselves:


How do we remain joyful and proud, even when we feel fear or despair?


The answer is not simple, but we can call on our tradition to guide us during these times. In the words of our Torah, hazak ve’ematz – we must be strong and courageous. As Jews, we continue to show up and take action, even when we face oppression and injustice, for ourselves and for others. Celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride is an act of courage and resistance, and it is one that we must commit to year-round.

Our official Pride Month is over, but our work towards liberation is not.

As we embrace this work together, Or Chadash looks forward to continuing to create a warm, welcoming, and affirming space for LGBTQ+ Jews and allies year-round.

Temple Sholom members at the Chicago Pride Parade 2022

Temple Sholom members at the Chicago Pride Parade


Or Chadash member Elizabeth Stone at the Chicago Pride Parade


Or Chadash members at the Lincoln Park Zoo's Pride Party

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